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Our Objectives

  1. promote public and professional interest in the health and wellbeing of adolescents and young people;

  2. develop strategies, in partnership with relevant organisations, to reduce the burden of ill health caused by mental health conditions, chronic illness, and preventable injury and disease that are prevalent among young Australians, using health promotion and population health approaches;

  3. advocate for, and contribute to, local, state, national and international policies and position statements relevant to adolescent and youth health and health care;

  4. encourage, foster and contribute to research activities and professional practices related to the health and well being of adolescents and young people;

  5. support education, training and skill development for those working in adolescent and youth health;

  6. provide networking and professional development events and opportunities, including the organisation of a regular national youth health conference;

  7. liaise with community and government agencies (at State, national or international level) regarding the provision and improvement of services relating to the health and health care of adolescents and young people. This may include all levels of the health system, relevant non-health sectors and transition services;

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